Date: 2/20/2017

By lovettagain88

this dream was broken up and the stories dont really match up.... it starts in a middle eastern village. adobe or stucco buildings with flat roofs. there are armed sentries watching the area, and im trying to sneak into another section of the village without getting caught....next... im in my childhood home with a group of friends we are getting ready to walk to a community pool/hot tub. on our way we end up walking through peoples homes and generally meandering through the neighborhood. we finally get there and get in the hot tub. after a short while i go to try to get out and slip on my flip flops, realize they aren't there and now i get worried i left them somewhere on the way to the pools. so by myself i start back tracking. along the way i make a wrong turn and go down an alley that turns into a hallway. Even though it started outside, it morphs to be a hallway or walkway between individual rooms of boys dorm rooms. first i walk into a room of three nerdy guys who just stare as i walk through. i try to speed up wondering where this walkway is gonna connect with my neighborhood again. i come to a small room i can tell is the end, there is a matress on the floor and a set of stairs going over the bed. on the other side of the bed is the way out. so i sit down to slide to that side, and a guy comes in the opposite doorway and drops a pile of stuff on the bed. when he sees me he doesnt seem surprised, he just starts asking me "whats the deal with womens bras? why do the they have to be so hard to get off" i shrug but realize that the stuff on the bed were individually packaged nursing bras he had brought home to practice with. i kinda gave the guy an explanation of how a bra works and that the ones he had were more complicated. he takes that as a cue and tries to slide his hand up my thigh and getting the willies i jump up to leave. we both trow an insult as i leave. outside i realize im right were i need to be in my neighborhood to find my flip flop, there is aloth of debris lying around and i finally find a flippy thats pink like mine. i search for the other and find two more. now im confused. looking closer i realize they are different types. i look around some more ready to just take home two of the same kind. end up finding about twenty flip flops. none of which are mine or match. disappointed i return to the pools and realize i had left my sandals in the bottom of the hot tub.........next...i am again with a group of friends, this time more and we are in a vehicle going to a seafood restaurant. inside looks like a market with food in glass enclosed fridge-tables and vending machines on the side as well as servers bringing food out. we all get seated and i go towards one of the vending machines. a couple steps away my attention notices an odd guy standing near it with a zombie like look in his eye reaching out towards people with one hand. that one hand has a deadly looking diseased black spot on it. i go well around him, but as i go to pass he actually starts walking toward me. i walk way slowly until he follows and is far enough away from the machine that i dart around a table and drop a coin in the machine. it spits out a small pistol. as i turn around to shoot the guy some girl walks past him and gets touched by his hand. she goes down. vomits and gets up holding out a diseased hand as well. i shoot both and tell my friend we cant eat here we gotta go.......next, we two friends and i are bring food to a friend and we had to borrow/steal an old fold truck. it accelerates really well, but i barely wants to turn at all, and im not able to reach the brake. i hit alot of things, miss alot of turns and eventually we get there. find out i was not able to brake because all the food was under my seat......there was another part where i was leading a bicycle tour, and by the next go around, i was taking the tour and someone else was giving it and they were taking advise from me.