dating 2 women

Date: 3/19/2017

By kingkoopa

I was sleep on the floor of grams old apartment on edgewood avenue. some guy & girl was on the couch. it was day time. everyone begin to wake up. I was not ready to wake. so I tossed a little then I heard the couple on the couch having sex. I was aroused by the girl moaning. I try to tune it out. next thing I know I'm being awaken by the dude telling me I have mail. I get up & begin folding my blankets. I check the mail which happens to be of no importance whatsoever. I told him he didn't have to wake me for that. I felt the need to lie down again yet after all my stuff was put away I decided to just stay up. next thing I recall; 2 women making sexual moves on me at the same time. they both wanted me. I was all for it. one of the girls I knew. the other didn't seem familiar. while in the middle of the 2 on the bed, I put my arms around them both to prepare for a good time 😊