One F**ked Up Dream 😳

Date: 5/13/2017

By amandalyle

I was watching a documentary about a man who had been involved in freak accident and, consequently, had to have his arms and legs amputated. Disturbingly, I then found myself holding his dangling head by the tufts of his hair... just his head. His limbs and body were sprawled out around me. If he had survived, he was certainly dead now. Had I killed him? Why were his body parts in my home? Panicked, I disposed his body parts as quickly as I could, along with his head. I put them in a rubbish bin, but was panicking because everything was drenched in blood. "I'll never get away with this!" I thought. After I closed the lid of the bin, I heard a shuffling noise. "Oh my god! He's still alive!" I couldn't believe it... how could he be alive? His head had completely detached from his body. Sure enough, when I took a peek inside the rubbish bin, he was glaring up at me and whispering "help!". Heartlessly, I stabbed him in the face with a sharp object and made sure he was definitely dead. "It would be no life being just a head!" I thought. "It's for the best!" Next scene; I was with a group of friends, chatting away and joking around. Suddenly, my eyes grew heavy and I rested my head on my friend Liz's shoulder. She jerked my head off and I woke with a start. "Yep! She hates me!" I thought, a feeling of sadness washing over me. Laura started discussing her boyfriend, Karl, and how he had been feeling suicidal. We were all shocked. He always been such a happy-go-lucky guy. Liz walked away from the group and then turned into a 'friend of a friend' called Amy. We spot her sneaking out of a house with a blonde child. "I wonder who's child that is?" I say to Kylie (who had now taken place of Laura) When we asked her a few moments later, she said "what child?! There is no child!" and she was really cagey about it all.