Date: 3/23/2017

By whatdoesitfeellike

Fell asleep at 2:30. I dreamt a Hard to follow slide show of different things and places. Some images I remember are Stanford University, two boys I know: nick and Jonathan, A sculpture and clay, and a girl I know: Julianna was dancing dancing. I "woke up" at 3:30. Nick and Jonathan were in my room. It was day time and my mom had let them in (not normal at all). They were looking for something but wouldn't tell me what it was. I looked in the mirror and realized that I had written on my face 'Stanford has __ security' in purple marker and the letters were backwards. I was shocked thinking I must have done it in my sleep. I got out of bed and was talking with nick and Jonathan. I was thinking that it was too weird that I had written that on my face. I had a realization "maybe I'm still asleep. lucid dreaming!!" I fell back trying to make myself float up but I couldn't. So I moved forward thinking I must just be awake. It was still exciting and I said, "I could kiss you," to nick who agreed and then walked over and kissed him. I was aware I hadn't brushed my teeth and it took some 'working out the kinks' but we did kiss and then started to make out. I pulled away and I remember he tasted faintly like he'd eaten Italian. I was still convinced it wasn't right. There were things that didn't make sense. I went into parents room and only mom was in the bed. I woke her up and asked if I was awake. She said yes. (The whole time there was this persistent banging sound) I showed her the writing on my face and she didn't seem that alarmed. I didn't know how to show her until I noticed what the banging sound was. I pointed out the fact that my sister was hanging over the back of her bathroom door and the banging was of her feet kicking the door frame. My mom jumped up to get her down only to realize she was sleeping peacefully. Dad showed up and wanted something. He sat down on his iPad and refused to move. We had a conversation and then he told me Julianna had come in and she was in my room. I went back to my room and it looked empty. I knew they were going to jump out or something so I went looking. Julianna was under blankets by the bed and Nick and Jonathan were in the corner. I opened the window seat and there were many really good little sculptures. Women dancing in dresses, animals... Jonathan said I made them in my sleep. I asked them to show me the one from that night. Nick was like "you sure? Ok." And he opened a newspaper bundle and handed me a plate. A perfectly formed plate with a very well done abstract painting of him with his initials in a fancy chunky font at the top. I was so confused. How had I done this in my sleep? I got to see Jonathan's too and it was a rectangle picture of a cut peach. It was super embarrassing. The sun had come out and I was reviewing the facts like "this isn't reality. This doesn't make sense" My teacher was there all of a sudden. He explained my dream trying to convince me it all made sense and that this was reality. He said, that the writing on my face was because of a recent conspiracy theory that had been on the news. The plates was my subconscious taking note of the two biological ways of attraction (brains and body) I still wasn't convinced. I looked out the window and there was a large flat cliff in the distance ok top was a huge version of one of my sculptures (some kind of gold colored animal) I said, "see that's not supposed to be there!" And My teacher was like "of course it is. In the late 1960's that sculpture was designed and build. It has fountain features and-" he was telling me all about this fountain and I looked and what he was saying was becoming true. I was freaking out that he was altering the world around me and two of the people with me yelled for him to stop. I closed my eyes and I could hear the ocean. It was coming. There was a rush of water and it crashed into me. My house and my room was washed away. Things and people would appear floating in the water, things from my last dream. Every time I opened my eyes I would be zapped to a different location. This is when I realized capable of changing the world around me. I had it in my mind that I was supposed to make it as realistic as possible. To take out the fantasy. I went around the world and through my memories. I revised the fairy tales and things I believed as a child. I changed all of them. I removed the magical creatures from the world. The only thing I let stay was Santa's reindeer. I let them jump off the red bridge for everyone to see. I became the law of the land. I opened my eyes in an office. I was in a judges body but it wasn't me. My job was to allowing or declining marriage licensees. It was Kim K and her brother (one I made up). Kim was sitting next to me and some people across from me. I declined every point they made "no, no, no, you can't marry your brother." At one point I kind of chuckled "no" and Kim got upset "You're laughing at us!" I had the judges memories and I knew that she had lost every brother she'd had. Sons, her own brother, and her uncle. I was myself again. And I was attending a party. I was trying to seduce someone. It was a Roman party and I was the princess figure surrounded by girls and trying to get the princes attention. I got interrupted by people from earlier appearing. They told me I had to go to Stanford to save someone from a monster. They showed me a video feed and every time he was about to die I had to change the situation so he could return to his friends safely. Once I was done I went Back to the party. I was wearing a dress that was short, tight on the waist and it was growing live roses. There was a boy there who was pregnant. He was nice. I think his name was like Connor or something. Anyway, I was hiding from the son of the judge. The son who was supposed to be dead but get this, he was the boy who I I had saved at Stanford. I ran out and into the girls bathroom because if he saw me the reality would break. Connor was helped me. He destructed him by falling to the floor in front of the boy yelling "my water broke!" And he face down snow angles. I woke up for real.