Monsters, driverless Uber

Date: 7/24/2019

By lucysdreams

I dreamt that I was being chased by two sort of monsters in a park. I ran up to this house party of some rich people I knew in Mosman. Once I was inside I had no real desire to hang around much, so I called an Uber. I forgot I called it to the wrong entrance though and we were both waiting 20 minutes. Eventually I figured it out and came out the right entrance. I felt really bad because he’d waited for me. He had a Tesla and it was super fancy. He opened the back seat for me and I got in but he didn’t. The doors shut and the car moved by itself. There was nobody driving it. When I came to a stop light a man looked at me very confused as to who was driving the car. He knocked on my window to try and get me to open up but I just shook my head. The driver hopped back in again but this time he was driving with his hands without touching the wheel. Kind of just like general movements in the air, like telekinesis. Sometimes he would go too fast and I would feel queasy. He told me he made me new earphones out of fairy lights and flowers. We laughed but also he was hot so yeah. I got a notification on snapchat and it was Indi at Marrickville school for some reason. She was sending snaps to a group chat I wasn’t in. Then I realised I was logged into Ruby’s snapchat because she wanted to go on my phone earlier. I was just going to see what the hell the groupchat was when I woke up.