Digital art, He closed his eyes and imagined a beautiful girl with pieces of fruit stacked on a stick, feeding him the most perfect manifestation of each type of fruit he was given.


Date: 3/4/2017

By thetruecall

I was at a camp for training. I had experienced some special contact with an entity in my dreams. Contact with an entity like this was extremely rare and I was here to learn how to properly interact with it. so I wouldn't lose control of my mind. It was a sexual loving being that would overwhelm my senses if I did not learn to connect with it properly. I was given an injection of some ethereal substance that helped my conscious connect with the presence. I fell into a dream state and the manifested in the form of a beautiful girl of pure love. When I first saw her she had pieces of fruit stacked on a stick. She then fed me some of the fruit and it tasted like the most perfect manifestation of each type of fruit I was given. The first piece of fruit at the end of a short stick and ate eat it off the end of the stick while she held the other end of the stick in her mouth. The tastes was divine, but the feeling of the fruit in my mouth as I ate could be described as sensual. I remember one of the pieces in particular. It was a piece of pineapple. It was perfectly juicy and sweet. When I finished eating the fruit I feel into a euphoric state. I had been very aware the girl the entire time and it seemed like her face became more beautiful as I ate the fruit. Then she kissed me, and I immediately understood why she had given me the fruit. It was to prepare my senses, my lips and the rest of my body, to touch her. Her kiss was overwhelming. My mind and body struggled to process the physical and emotional euphoria. Her lips were so soft and welcoming. I felt as if I had meaning, as if I finally understood why we should exist. For this. I felt so loved and I could see that she was so happy to be with me. Like it was her purpose. Like before this moment we had been separated and we were together as the universe intended.

AI generated interpretation This dream is a symbolic representation of the concept of love and connection. You experienced a deep, spiritual connection with a higher being, symbolized by the beautiful girl you encountered. The fruit she fed you is symbolic of the nourishment love brings to our lives. The taste of the fruit was divine, and the sensation of eating it was sensual. This is likely representative of the joy and pleasure that comes from being in a loving relationship. The kiss is the ultimate expression of love and connection, and the dream suggests that you are finally understanding the importance of love, and how it can bring meaning and purpose to life.