deep sleep times

Date: 4/23/2017

By deepa

ok so ill just jump around all the various dreams. so the last dream i had was smth to do with an airport? where me n this other chick r in some toilet sort of thing with some sinks and one rly big shower head sort of thing and we r just meddling around with it idk why we r like engineers or smth and in the last part we sort of break it by pushing it to the limit n making it go stromg such that the whole toilet could be filled with ppl and everyone coudl get clean cud we wanted to show off to ourselves that it was one of the greatest shower heads and then we r hiding by a wall in the shower away from it cus it makes the most damning sounds and its so creepy. these sounds happened before too when i was messing with it but after a while it goes away but this one was So loud n massive n scary so we both get out of there and move to another girls toilet thing in the airport which is weird cus the levels in the sirport r seperated according to gender so we had to go down stairs to get to the stereotypical pink place and then while going down the stairs im literally jumping Rly high which shud have been good to realise im dreaming.. dammit. and then the psrtner chick ends up being rajes n we r queueing and giving the security our paprrs idk.. and rajes' mother is there also signing some shit and proofreading the list idk. ok then i think before this dream there was a dream about me arriving late for a class or smth but late by like 2 mins and when i arrive a chick asks me if ive been dating around like if thats the reason why im late and idk what i say cus i was in fact with geo before i came for the class.. and then theres lot of studying going on like johan is there and he walks away to study in another room with other ppl and in the room im at im left alone with one guy whos sleeping on a bed. i go up to him n wear my specs to see who it is while hes tossing arpund n he sees that n gets startled n i tell him oh i just wanted to know who it is and i ask.him how come he isnt stressed.over finals like the rest n he tells me how he knows how to balance his time n smth about how its in his culture n i tell him wait doesnt asian mean u gotta be studying hardcore. its a confusing conversation. n then theres a chick around there idk what im talking to her about but she has a tattoo above her right tit so i asked her what it was and then she proceeded to pimch her cheeks n such to make it a weird way toread the tattoo..honestly.idk and in the dream i didnt know as well. and then theres some bits with geo asking me if im going for the thing i signed up or smth eventho i aready missed like 2 or 3 sessions and im like huh no?? cus whats the pointof going for that 1 last lesson and them hating me. ok moving on theres smth with me jaywalking to get to my mother on the other side while a slightly creepy man is lingering behind me and i cross it over it has the feels of little india but Rly empty. and then we walk a little bit n arrive somewherr and theres a baby and some hot milk prepared. and i try n feed the baby after asking my mother if its ok even tho its rly hot. oh ya n i tbink i helped her make this concoction with a new type of powder which seemed to taste like total anus so i put it in the babys takes one sip n Hates thst shit so i blackmail it n say if it finishes the milk it can have a toy or smth that im holding onto.. one other dream thsts unrelated had smth to do with a letter that i had to hand it over to someplace before a specific time for some reason i had a strong urge to believe that it was under my real life pillow anyway i do give it but maybe i give it wrongly and so i rush off or smth to.correct it before the time ends.