Finally! A lucid dream

Date: 4/3/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking around a shopping mall and I suddenly became aware that I was in a dream. I took a deep breath and tried not to get too excited. I casually browsed the dreamscape for a bit and then I tested out my lucidity by doing a dance right in the middle of the shopping centre. First shaking my hips, and then full on 'slut dropping' in the middle of the centre. No one seemed to notice. I then casually walked up to security guard (who looked a bit like an Italian Darren Brown) and even though I wasn't sexually attracted to him, I started kissing him (FULL ON kissing him!) on the lips. It felt amazing... (he was a great kisser) and when our bodies ripped apart, I saw that he had a massive erection that kept bouncing up and down. It was massive and his friends were laughing along with him. We then danced to disguise his boinging boner and he was singing the lyrics to this song I didn't recognise. Bored, I slipped off through a back door and walked passed a market store selling lavender. I picked up the lavender and felt the texture of it in my hands. I lifted it up and smelt it. Funnily enough, it felt and smelt just like lavender. I then lunged myself in the air and flew like Peter Pan. It felt amazing, but I then I woke up... too much excitement for one night.