Digital art 4k scene from a movie: In the midst of the chaos at the carnival, a mysterious figure clad in black emerges from the shadows, ready to stop the carnival killer before more lives are lost.

The Carnival Killer🎡🎠🎪

Date: 4/24/2019

By blucanary

~ I worked at a sort of carnival or something of the sort. I didnt have any specific job, I think I just filled in here and there as needed. There was a booth where people could come and shoot at things and if they succeeded they would win a prize. The booth runner (a scrawny bearded man) asked me if I wanted to make $4,000. All I had to do was put my hands in these metal gloves, let people shoot at them, and very quickly remove my hands before I got shot. If the player shot me, I guess maybe they got the money, but if not, I wd get it. I was tempted bc, come on, $4,000! But I was also afraid bc I didnt want to get shot with a gun in my hands through metal gloves! That wd hurt! That wd hurt quite a bit! I had to think this over. ~ I walked around a bit to try to make a decision. As I was out walking, a guy with a huge gun enters the carnival tent looking for Louie, one of the carnival workers. He started asking where Louie was and then shooting up the place. Another worker tried to run off to warn Louie that someone was here for him but was shot down, shot right in the back and flew forward onto his stomach dead. I told the shooter that I wd find Louie for him. I tried to act calm, make it look as though I was just doing my own thing and that I didnt care abt the shooter at all. Thankfully it worked bc the shooter allowed me to go on my way. I made my way to the outside of Louies tent. I yelled to him, trying to warn him of the shooter, but just as I had begun to warn him, the shooter came in from the back entrance of Louies tent and began shooting. I watched as he was shot from behind and went down. The guy continued shooting everything and everyone within sight. I dropped to the ground and tried to roll beneath this massive balloon wall thing. I was kindof scared bc I didnt know what was beneath/behind this thing, if I wd suffocate or what, but I was also afraid of being shot, so I had to take a chance and just go. ~ That's all I remember of it. Stupid @$$ dreams of mine never have actual endings. Or maybe that was the ending. Maybe I rolled beneath the massive balloon-wall and suffocated, lol. Nothing more happened bc I died. LOL!

AI generated interpretation This dream is quite intense and filled with symbolism that reflects various aspects of your unconscious thoughts and emotions. The carnival setting in your dream often symbolizes enjoyment, playfulness, and excitement in waking life. However, in this dream, the carnival takes on a more sinister tone with the presence of violence and danger. This could indicate a sense of unease or uncertainty in your waking life, possibly related to taking risks or being in situations where you feel threatened. The offer to make $4,000 by putting your hands in metal gloves and allowing others to shoot at them can symbolize a willingness to endure pain or discomfort in exchange for a reward. This may indicate a feeling of being pressured to take risks or make sacrifices in your waking life, even if it goes against your better judgment. The presence of the "Carnival Killer" and the violence he brings to the carnival could symbolize a fear of confrontation or aggression in your waking life. The shooter seeking out Louie and the chaos that ensues may represent unresolved conflicts or threats that you feel are looming in your life. Your attempt to warn Louie and protect yourself by hiding behind the balloon wall reflects a desire to escape from danger or avoid confrontation. The dream's lack of a clear resolution may suggest unresolved feelings or situations in your waking life that you are struggling to come to terms with. The possibility of suffocating behind the balloon wall could symbolize a fear of being overwhelmed or trapped by challenging circumstances. Overall, this dream may be reflecting your subconscious concerns about navigating risky situations, avoiding conflict, and protecting yourself from harm. It may be helpful to reflect on any sources of stress or discomfort in your waking life that could be manifesting in your dreams. Working through these issues and finding healthy ways to address them can help alleviate any underlying fears or anxieties.