Animated body

Date: 5/29/2017

By KayDeeKay

So the dream was all over the place, it started off as a nightmare where I was at the beach with my family. Dad went out to swim and I remember we were sitting out on a big hill/dune overlooking the beach. We get ready to leave and realize that dad is still really far out there. I can tell he is tired and I start running towards the shore. At one point I see him go under and I yell at the life guard to help. He didn't come back up and the guards and I Rudy towards where we last saw him, two guards were idiots and argued on who was going to save him. I yelled saying we didn't have time for this. Dad was so deep that it took two guards , they chained up where one went as far as he could go and then the second linked up to him and went deeper. Once he reached dad we pulled the chain back up. We get to the shore and start doing cpr and we are able to get him to breathe again. Fast forward to later at the hospital, dad wakes up but he has a lot of brain damage and can barely speak or move. It was heart breaking. He is a news reporter and to hear him not have his same booming voice was awful. Fast forward again and mom is desperately trying to find a way to make him better, she gets into this weird summoning ceremony in hopes to make a deal with a demon to make dad ok again. She eta it partly right. Dad is ok. But his soul belongs to the demon. Another problem is that we accidentally summoned this creature. For the ceremony we used another dead body to try and make a trade off where all of dad's health issues went into the dead body. The body ends up coming alive and tries to hunt us down and kill us. It was rotting and moved in weird jerky movements. We try burning it by trapping it in our fire place, it just pissed it off. Dream fades out from there .