Really Trippy

Date: 3/9/2019

By Jvoy1218

I dreamt that I saw these three alien women. If you watch Rick and Morty and have seen the episode where the dad soul bonds with a blue alien than you know the general description of how they looked. But, if you haven’t they basically had blue skin, long teal hair, and other than that relatively human. I went up to them (there were 3 of them) I saw the one had duck tape in her hair. I asked her why she had it in her hair. She said, “it silences the voices of my family members.” I listened and could hear her family screaming. I know that should’ve creeped me out but, it captivated me. I stared at her hair. Her hair started moving on it’s own. My field of vision closed in on her hair until that’s all I saw. Her hair began to morph into abstract shapes. There was a really calming song in the background and I just experienced this trip of shapes, color, and music. It was captivating. I wasn’t even fully asleep when this happened. I woke up and was dozing off but staying awake cause I had to get up for school. When I snapped out of it I remember thinking, “wtf what that.” I still think about it because that was such an unusual/creepy/peaceful dream. So many different emotions went into it, I wonder what it could’ve meant.