A vagina, Botox and getting intoxicated on margaritas

Date: 2/25/2017

By amandalyle

I was with a few of my friends. Liz was there, and she told me she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Really?" I questioned. And before I even received a reply, she spread her legs wide and flashed me her vagina. I was shocked. Lydia from The Only Way is Essex was there and, rather rashly, asked her if her 'meat' hung out of the sandwich (so to speak) Liz said no, but I could vouch that she was lying. Next scene; My friend Robee was at my house and I noticed that she was looking even younger than usual. I asked her how she looked so young and she told me she had had Botox - she always told me 'black don't crack' - she lied! It was Botox all along! Next scene; I was in a nightclub with my friends but for, some reason, I was stupidly -uncontrollably - drunk. My friend kylie kept having to pick me up off of the floor and I could tell she was getting pissed off. "Why are you so drunk!" She ranted. I was falling over all over the place but somehow managed to order another Margarita at the bar. It looked so damn good! ...but then, for some unknown reason, I sobered up really quickly and was back to my usual self.