discount twilight

Date: 8/22/2017

By lilo5010

So i had a dream i was pregnant. I was a surrogate for the baby. But i did NOT want to be pregnant, so i think my impregnation was an accident. Anyways, i was pretty far along, about to give birth. I dont remember who was with me but i remember expressing my concerns about giving birth. Finally i went into labor. I remember it wasnt anything excruiating painful, but i remember bleeding, but i think thats something normal to labor. Well the baby didn't come out, so whoever i was with and i decided to keep on going on our journey. Thats when we met the vampire-werewolves people. There were some good, but i remember there was one bad one that attacked me and i was frightened and tried to make it go away. I say they were vampire-werewolves because they had the human form of a vampire with bloodshot eyes, but the teeth and nails/claws of an animal. Kind of like wolverine, but more yellowish. Anyway, when i was finally able to make it go away, i suddenly was at this bar area with other people and vampire wolves things. The rest of the dream was a bit hazy.