Head Lice and Willy-Windmills

Date: 6/25/2017

By amandalyle

I was in some sort of communal living room, watching Big Brother - it was raunchier than usual. Lotan was completely naked and he was swinging his big cock around like a windmill. I kept pressing rewind and watching it over and over again. Everyone else groaned. "Just play the damn programme, already!" They sighed. Next scene; my friend wanted to borrow my special head lice comb - I was reluctant, I had paid a fair bit of money for it and, instead, I decided to give her a basic blue one that I got free with the box. I showed her how amazing the expensive nit comb was by demonstrating. It had magnetic force that sucked the lice from out of the hair. Loads were being sucked out and I was surprised to find that I had so many. I hadn't been itching at all.