Elton John

Date: 8/14/2017

By Megan425

Dreamt I was asked to be part of a band in New Orleans. Just like back up singer or something. We had a gig - it went great and they asked us to come back again. But then right before the gig they said we were being booted because Elton John had asked if he could play. I was obviously devastated. As I was wandering the streets - whom should I cross paths with but Sir Elton himself. We chatting for ages. He was very apologetic- and invited me out for dinner after the show. Which I graciously accepted. After that I spent a significant amount of time trying to a door to lock. The handle kept almost falling off - or my hand was slipping. (in the end I was using the wrong key) finally got it locked. When I turned around the house was like a botanic gardens. And Elton was in the sitting room, my mom in the kitchen and a few other relatives dotted around the place. Elton said he'd take me to dinner - since he stole our gig. I spent the rest of the dream trying to find a decent cut glass cup (with a handle?!?) to bring with me to dinner.