Roommates, School and Meditation

Date: 2/19/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

It all started with me being inside my apartment, but instead of being alone I was with about ten people who apparently lived with me. I was getting ready to go out and so I needed to shower, but when I went to use one of the two there where two of the female roommates changing 😅 I said "woahhh sorry" as I turned around and then everyone started to get a bit mad at me which I defended myself for since it was an accident. I went in the other bathroom after all the talking and just as I was closing the door, a guy tried to come in to shower and so I levelled him on the floor 😆 The next scene was me getting taken to school, I realised I hadn't cleaned my teeth but then I picked up some gum from inside the car. I remember going up hill which isn't the way to my old school but it got e there anyway, and when we got to the top my dad asked me to try and find a hammer for some job he was doing. I was already half an hour late at this point but on the floor 'coincidentally' there were screwdrivers and a hammer with the long grass, I threw one over and said goodbye as I walked into school. I distinctly remember the teacher that was at the gate telling everyone who was late that they had to do something, it wasn't detention but another word I don't remember 🤔 i just said to him "I understand, no worries" and he was cool about it. I then walked to class but the scene changed a few times instead of me walking the entire way. When I got there, a weird thing happened where an old friend who I was thinking about the day before came up to me and slowly moved his face towards mine and back out, all the while looking into my eyes. It was weird, not confrontational but just odd. I went and found a seat by another old friend who moved over for me, he then started talking about climbing the huge white tree outside and for some reason I just started to sing a funny song in a Bob Dylan style... Here is the weirder part, I was suddenly playing a dark souls style game with yet another person I used to know. We were making our characters and switching classes and races and such, but it was a bit more complex than most games. Then, out of the blue, the story followed a female character and I was just watching it unfold, like a camera. She was talking to a large guy who was training her in lucid dreaming and meditation, she walked out of his large and decorative room and up a flight of to a hall with a platform. She climbed on and began to use a technique that the voice I could hear was explaining "can be used for people who relax and fall asleep too quickly when lucid dreaming", where she was sat upright with folded legs. As she sat there, I could feel myself rocking back and for while sat upright, I could feel my body floating and becoming numb, and I could hear the strangest noises. What I was doing here was a WILD in my sleep, which resulted in me waking up and almost going back into a dream instantly but sadly did not. That sure was one wild ride, it was one of the most vivid dreams I have every had. Dream signs: old friends, school, video games, lucid dreaming