Foursome on a sinking ish cruise ship

Date: 9/22/2019

By jadeskies

Had a dream that I was stuck in a holiday cruise. We were on it for maybe a few hours and all of a sudden it starts breaking down and we need to go grab lifejackrgs and lifeboats. I jump off onto a little lifeboat and start grabbing little things. I get in a lifeboat with two girls I know. One has a brush. I have a phone. And another grabs a second lifejacket for me. We’re laying around and kinda just chilling when we decide to go find others floating around we’re swimming and stuff when we get back on the boat since it isn’t sinking. We’re on it and then kinda looking around some. It’s almost like a desert island. Everyone’s robbing the stores and such. Then I end up with one black friend who said his father was in jail and we need to go get him. In order to get him we needed to go up this elevator, except everything was locked down and the windows were bolted. We use his key he just happened to have? To open it. Then the evil elevator asks questions and if we answer wrong we get like. Ratted out ig? Idk I kept accidentally answering “wrong” because my foot slipped while answering. But it turned out to be correct. It kept happening and eventually I gain back over a billion points. And we’re set. We keep looking around for his dad and eventually I end up seeing two of my friends. Alex Rivera, and an Asian kid maybe from math class? Where kinda just morbidly joking around. Our life is about to end but like. We’re doing our best. Then we kinda lowkey decide it’s ok to Do a threesome? Yea idk. End of the world I’m still horny lmao. But we start out with my giving Alex a handjob and it literally looked and felt like a circumcised slim Jim. Lord Jesus. Anyway I didn’t want to put my mouth on it at all lol. So I just jerked him off while I rode the Asian dudes face. There was another guy there but he kinda just evaporated. Riding him was lowkey fantastic. OH YEA there was a white guy there too and he looked kinda like Lucas Durant 👀 but cuter. And so like I rode the one guy and jerked off another and tried to jerk off the other guy. Man it was a lot of work to not leave someone out lmao. Felt like my 11th birthday party 😩. Anyway. Then I was all up on the white guy and eventually put it in. When I tried to give a blowjob to Alex but i really wasn’t feeling it lol. The white guy wouldn’t thrust for some reason so I was doing all the work. And then the Asian guy on the sidelines just yells out “Thailand” for some reason lmao. Then my friend FaceTimes me and says they have all their supplies and asks what we’re doing. (I’m getting eaten out atm so lord knows I ain’t telling the truth to a bunch of girls on the phone lmao) and then they hang up. Then I start straddling the white guy and using a toy at the same time. Then all of a sudden Leila and Mia storm through our room saying random things. Idek but they come in and I very quickly scramble to put my shit back on lol. They obviously notice what’s going on and joke/leave. Then I walk outside and an older lady goes “that should cover up the smell. Something Elvis Presley used to do” lmao wtf? 😂. Then I walk back into the room and Alex slaps his thighs with his legs spread open. Slim Jim standing tall. I walk over. Get on my knees. And then I wake up lmao.