big guns

Date: 3/8/2017

By deepa

ok the dream starts i think as mark jez and someone from peep show trying to break into their own house cus somehow its locked but this house is huge like a huge house with several rooms and rly old looking so they find some way to climb some weird metal thing and some ladders and while going up one of them i think me? or the camera spots that someones in the house like theres a hidden corner that noone saw all this while of the house that could only be seen in that elevated position and the camera/me zooms in and sees that the person/intruder has made a nice little room for himself all this while..somehow we end up and the charaxters have changed and ppl are tied up and stuff i think we caught some intruders and were in dome big garage place sort of thing..and im handed the torchlight duty amd its geos torchlight and im just shining the light on the hostages and nothing else..but later on i catch a glimpse of someone else in the alleyway and i ask someone to follow me cus the rest of them got big guns but the leader guy gives me a huge coat and then a gun to go fight myself but wtf im terrified? and then somehow the scene changes and im with a group of kids and i need to lead them out of a room where theyvebeen doing some workshop or smth..and the lady in charge gave them alcohol at reduced prices but in exchange wanted them to assist in some stocking work and in hindsight Wtf kids and fancy alcohol...i had more memory on my dreams but i forgot maybe ill remember later