Creature Feature Dream

Date: 5/29/2019

By CheshirePuss

Creature dream (one of the strange houses, basement in the catacombs? ) (Lost notes, hard to remember parts, some still vivid) as best as I can remember; Started in a house I've dreamed of before, one of the ones I'm always packing to move out from, and Chantelle is usually there (can't actually remember if she was this time), the one with the open hallway with a banister connecting from the stairs, but not high class fancy, like old farm house, but slightly Victorian? Semi high ceilings, lots of dark wood accents around the house, including a fireplace with a dark wood mantle (carved too-simple design) in the bedroom Chantelle and I share. There's two beds rather than a queen/king like there usually is. Angel is sitting between the two beds, and looks both upset and angry (back and forth), she's also on the phone with her boyfriend , and he's being an ass. Suddenly I'm in the basement, and its technically not the same house anymore (there's a reason I say technically), it's one of the houses that's actually out in the country (and barnhouse with attic beside the house and treeline, it's often a party barn, but sometimes it's completely empty). The basement is unfinished, in an almost unsettling way, sections of the floor are just dirt, and there are boards nailed up every where in no sense of order, they stop areas of the wall from collapsing. It eventually leads to what feel more like a sewer, you can sometimes see out of grates around you and see outside, they become more like tunnels, and yet there's this adamant vibe of back alleyways. Very winding, and sometimes (I thing because of the vibe) it looks more like strange alleys, leading down closer towards a shore line, and there's many people through out. I don't really know how I know, I hardly ever pass or encounter them, it's like an out of body picture in my mind showing my surroundings. Eventually I lost my body and was just exploring the tunnels watching, until I came across a creature that almost looked human, very much like 'the descent' creatures. But I think it had eyes, yes, pure black. And teeth were longer I'm pretty sure, and more of an ashy color? Very classic vampire. Any how, he was in a cavern that was blocked off, and started flooding, which was bad, because y'know, flooding & trapped. However good, because it followed the flow of water backward, and found the grate it was coming in through (had been covered by large rocks stacked in front, but the water pressure cleared them away enough to reveal the great. Which the creature then grabbed held of and tried to break (all third person view, like watching a movie, even changing angles, smooth transition too, very vivid) by pulling the bars inward, but no cigar. Well than this fucker rears his head back, REALLY showing off the teeth and disturbing animalistic look in it's eye. And then proceeded to shove it's face down into the (ever increasing) water flow coming in, and starts chomping on the bars, well I thought, until I felt one hard bite down, felt the snap between my teeth, then immense relief as I pryed the bars out of place (because apparently breaking the center bar in half, is enough to pull the halves out place completely, and now there's room for the creature (me) to fit through. And now that I'm through, I can tell it's the basement i started in before (no more water, or did it keep flooding? Picturing both, hard to say.) And now going back up towards the house itself. Suddenly I'm moving insanely fast up stairs and halls. Also watching myself (as creature) doing it.And then I am suddenly in the first house, and running up the stairs, and warning Angel (and everyone else that was there now, a handful of people) about the creature coming, but I know it's too late. Also I know there's a 'dummy waiter' at the end of the hall, that leads to a different dream place, or the barn (depends). I climb on, and apparently it has protective power as well, because I couldn't be pulled out when it ran at me. Then I woke.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it seems that you are facing some complex emotions related to fear and vulnerability. The setting of the dream, specifically the house that you are packing to leave, suggests that you are trying to move on from something or someplace that is familiar but uncomfortable. Similarly, the basement represents the deep, hidden aspects of yourself that you may be reluctant to explore. The creature in the dream symbolizes your fear of something that may be lurking beneath the surface. The creature's presence in the basement suggests that you may be grappling with deep-seated fears or anxieties that are not easily accessible or understood. The creature's teeth and eyes symbolize your sense of helplessness and vulnerability in the face of perceived danger. The flooding in the basement represents a sense of overwhelm and fear of being trapped. However, the fact that you ultimately find a way out through the grate suggests that there is a way for you to overcome your fears and escape from the discomfort that you are experiencing. The dummy waiter that provides protection further supports this idea. The warning that you give to others in the dream indicates that you may be feeling a need to protect those around you from potential danger or adversity. This may be a reflection of your concern for your loved ones and your desire to keep them safe. Overall, your dream suggests that you are going through a period of transformation and self-discovery but may be encountering some fears or obstacles along the way. However, the fact that you are able to find a way out and protect others indicates that you possess the resilience and strength to overcome any challenges that come your way.