Hospital exits

Date: 8/17/2019

By cloudkau

I dreamt that I was in school and my grandma would drop me off but I got out at like 10 PM so I didn’t have anyone who would pick me up. And I call my dad right when class was over to come pick me up and he was in a bad mood but said he would come anyway. but it was a hospital and it had three different entrances and it was very difficult to find my way around. It was also nighttime and I told him to pick me up at the emergency room entrance but again there was three of them. So I had Jacky walk me to the closest one and And I realized it wasn’t the right one he would be going to. So I go inside and I asked the doctor and I just so happen to walk into the one where there was to the mental health asylum part. So I explained to him where he needed to be and if he take me there and it was really scary and I wasn’t really supposed to be there if I wasn’t like mentally ill. It was scary and they had people screaming in an all white and straight jackets and I’ve never seen this part of the hospital before and he had that he had to run me through there by holding my wrist tight because they were trying to hurt me and grabbed me and when I was in a rush I stepped on a ladies broken foot and she yelled at me. and we got pulled into a side room together because an alarm and red light was going off. That meant there was someone going completely insane and trying to kill others. Once it was off, we continued to run. We went to the next exit and it still wasn’t it. Instead, it was filled with famous people both dead and alive. They had limos and paparazzi. And since we have been to two of the three exits, he knew where the third one was and it was really far. But then i saw Serena and Antoine standing looking for me. I yelled “Serena!!” And she said come on start running so i started to. I hugged and thanked the nurse for helping me. Then continued to run