Nonsensical Randomness

Date: 8/27/2017

By amandalyle

My friends Terri and Laura came over. Terri had just had her baby and she was very cute. A head full of beautiful dark hair and a round cubby face. But as she changed her nappy on my sofa, she pooed everywhere...including my favourite scatter cushion. "Dammit!" I thought. It was green and repulsive. I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for everyone and my husband Mat was in there, making five different meals at once. "Why have you made so much food?" I asked. "To give to the refugees, Mandy!" He replied. #standard My mother in law had plonked a massive 'bug hotel' on the side and their were insects crawling everywhere. "Why did she put this monstrosity here?" I sighed. I tried to move it, but insects were crawling up my arms and I kept dropping it. There was a massive spider, also, that made me want to run for the hills. Next scene; I was living in this flat. Two guys were perched on my sofa who I didn't know from Adam. One made an inappropriate comment and I was so infuriated, I walked out and into town. I was vaping as I strolled, but hoped no one would see me. I didn't want anyone thinking I looked like an idiot. I reached some metal steps, and I let this large family walk down before me. At the top, I gazed over the side and saw a Lego city that I had been building. It was looking pretty amazing and I was rather chuffed with myself. Next scene; I was having a sort out, getting rid of my daughter's old toys. But every time I tried to get rid of something, she said "nooooo! I still play with that!" (Even though she was years too old for it) "But Ava would love this!" I sighed. I then found some old puppets, but the strings were all tangled up. I tried to untangle them and, as I did, they changed into hair extensions. I laid them out on the floor and admired them. They came in all sorts of different colours. I'm not sure what I planned to do with them? "I'm going to Mcdonolds now!" Phoebe, yelled. "Alright, see you later!" I called back. Next scene; I looked in the mirror and realised that my eye looked distorted; like I had two pupils. They also kept changing colour. "How weird!" I thought.