Friend conversation

Date: 6/7/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed I was talking to Robyn at first. I was telling her how I had just said I needed her and here she was. In the dream we were sitting a table. I knew I was dreaming but I had went into the dream knowing. A chocolate cake appeared on the table I put my hands on it pushing it into the table willing it to disappear and it did. Robyn had turned into Sabrina at this point and she was looking at me crazy like how did u do that?? And I told her simply it's a dream I can make anything disappear like magic. The cake reappeared and she pushed her hands into it but it only smushed instead of disappearing. My mom then walked up and I told her have some cake! There's no calories in dreams. She smiled and ate a piece. My friend offered her the part that wasn't smashed. I began eating it too and it was really really good. Robyn/Sabrina was telling me how her mom was telling her how she should still be friends with me bc I was a great friend when we were little. I was trying to tell her how I wasn't a great friend and that I was mean sometimes and that I was sorry and wanted to do better. Very trippy dream can't remember all of it. But it was extremely important for me to have this conversation with my friend. And there were weird coincidences happening that idr right this second.