piss and suicide

Date: 6/12/2017

By deepa

so smth like im watching a movie with geo and hanna? i guess? and for.some reason im not having any of it cus im horny or smth and when i proceed to go to the toilet he doesnt even get the hint to follow me. so im in a toilet and i find the oddest way to piss on to this non toilet bowl looking thing and just then someones coming and so o stop and hold my pee in and so its half out and i play it cool and she says omglet me not make u uncomfortable ill go to the back pisser but instead she looks around the atms n shit liddat and so i say haha im good and i dash out to the bottom level witbout anyone seeing and sure it took a while to figure out where but ive seen this place somewhere in my dreams. strange. and then theres a guy who comes to my "home office" becus he wants to extend a booking or smth but im not sure what im working as? idk he seemed legally challenged but anyway he kept distracting me and i kinda erite the wrong.things and his clothes r off and i think he becomes a danger at some pointsomehow i rush to my front door and unlock it and kinda make loud noises so my neighbours know and he comes out the front door in his underwear and i speak up bravely and tell him to get the fuck out and my cat apparently ive a cat again comes round the corner and i feel braver and couple secs later jumari comes by and i kick him out and hes on an elevator but elevator that goes sideways n shit liddat.. so i tell her what happens and he pops by sideways and tries to grab her i just pull her towards me. and soon hes all over the building and a lot of ppl come out of their offices or smth and we r trying to convince him to not commit suicide? smth liddat...