naked disney?

Date: 2/11/2017

By deepa

ok some part of the dream had hilary duff? like her lizzie show or whatever and one scene was where the kids parents r involved in this big game and the kids r cool but the adults r all naked and thsyre supposed to run idk omg like all the men had HUGE n weird like penis n balls thats not real but attached to them idk why and the women were supposed to run? idk and i think hilarys mom broke her tit trying to run or pretneded to anyway...after the session she gets a rubdown from one of the men ok yea she clearly faked it n they engage in a bit of foreplay Lovely.. and then some part with smth like a ladder...and i miss some car ride becus im a bit late and i woke up when in the dream i realised i was late for my paper which is at 4am which makes no sense...i wake up at 245 and panic thinking its 345 and go wake up celine and someone else...and shes like deepa no.. and idk why but all these re chicka like shannon r in my house but whatever