Mad at Everyone

Date: 5/10/2017

By Palomino

I saw Amanda G, who was upset because she was pregnant and her boyfriend did not care. (She was dating Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond). I held her while she cried and I planned how I was going to yell at him but Amanda needed some sleep so I kept quiet. Liz B had been telling everyone I was a bad artist. While Amanda was sleeping, I sent her a photo of one of my paintings. She mistook it for a Georgia O'Keefe and I wrote a very rude response. Later there were some scenes about school and work. I was mad at my friend for being slack on her school work, I was mad at my coworkers for asking me things they could Google, I was mad at my classmates and teacher for getting off topic, I was mad at my best friend for asking me to carry her pantyhose in my purse. I was mad at EVERYONE.