Too Many Ex's... *Shudder*

Date: 6/8/2017

By amandalyle

I was at an outdoors cinema waiting for some friends to turn up. Instead, three guys from my past (who I may have had sexual relations with! 😳) arrived wearing red nail varnish I had 'apparently' given them as a joke. I don't remember doing so, but I was amused that they had actually put it on. Next scene; I was at Laura's family home ( a friend of mine) Her parents invited me in, and said "Come and see the pool" When I walked into the garden, the swimming pool was no longer - it had been cemented over and they were burning furniture on top of it. New furniture. I was thinking "that would look great in my house, why the heck are you burning this stuff?!" Next scene; I was in what looked like a school cafeteria. I was choosing a chocolate bar, when a familiar face stopped by (another ex! Eeeeek!) and he completely blanked me. I quickly took a Kitkat and left. Next scene: my son, Alex, had escaped from school. It was late at night and he almost got run over. Mat was writing a letter of compliant (to the school) but it was in Arabic. "Maybe you should try writing it in english!" I suggested. Next scene; I was at college studying "Moshi monsters". I was just finishing up. It was our last class together. On my way out, I snuck a few moshi monsters into my pocket - ones that I didn't have in my collection. Next scene; my daughter, Phoebe, had invited her friends around and they kept playing tricks on me. One laid on the floor outside and played dead. I got freaked out and prodded her with my foot. They were then showing me this app in which they took pictures of themselves and they looked completely different - Instagram, perhaps? 😜 Megan looked beautiful, even though she looks like a weasel in real life. "Pretty impressive!" I thought.