Cheating Boyfriend.

Date: 9/27/2018

By rubyisabel1

i was driving home with my mom my brother, and my grandpa driving for some reason, but he’s passed away. We passed by the school right down the street from my house and i see through the gate, marcos (my boyfriend in real life) with ariel (his girl bestfriend) and he has his arm around her and they’re both smiling and looking at something. i have no idea what they’re looking at. I make my grandpa stop the car immediately and i hop out and tell my brother to come with me. i dash in and see them together and automatically confront them and they’re absolutely shook. next thing i remember is going back to school i guess walking with all of them and a guy that i know in real life too Noah, hes like obsessed with me, and he tells marcos let’s fight for him cheating on me. they were gonna fight, but the principal stopped it. then next thing i know there’s like a riot going on with a bunch of other kids fighting but it’s not marcos or noah. just a riot. anyways, later, i guess i’m telling ariel and marcos off and we’re all walking down my street for some reason, weird because they live no where near me in person. they’re literally laughing in my face as i’m telling them off. and then i literally just tell them wow if it’s going to be like this then maybe you guys are meant to be. they start laughing even more and walk away, and stay happy together. maybe this dreams a sign, of my boyfriend cheating. it was extremely extremely vivid literally so clear like when i woke up i was like oh my god it’s not real.