A Visit to Walter's

Date: 5/8/2017

By Palomino

I got a message from Helen's friend Walter. He claimed to be dying and wanted Angel and me to come visit him. I was sure he was lying in order to get attention but Angel took him seriously and dragged me along to see him. Walter had somehow gotten rich and lived in a huge stone mansion. Angel thought that the fact the house was made of stone was significant and related to the fact that Walter was dying. The path leading to the house was also made of stone and Angel kept going on and on about how this was also related to Walter's sickness. I tried to tell her that he was faking, but she insisted that we only step on stone while approaching the house, and not in the snow that was on the ground. I did what she said just so she would shut up. Walter met us in the foyer and he and Angel stood there talking about his disease. I still didn't believe him and I was bored. I noticed a room off the foyer was filled with exercise equipment. One of the things there was a ball with a board mounted on it. You could strap your feet to the board and bounce really high. I got excited and wanted to try it. Walter said I could. Angel was mad at me because I wasn't taking Walter's talk about his illness seriously but I didn't care. I was only interested in that ball. I got on and started bouncing a little but before I could get really high, I woke up.