Date: 8/19/2019

By alessbd

in the first part i was in a bartells or a dollar tree or something like that. maggie garetsons friends came in and were like “ITS HER BIRTHDAY! we’re gonna have a little contest ;) find a partner and describe your most heartfelt dreams. whoever gets to ten points first wins!!” it made zero sense but anywho i found a partner and i described some dream about my dad that doesn’t even exist. i took up all the time so i didn’t get to hear any of his dreams and he only gave me two points so that was rude. he was kinda cute tho. a little bit like an e boy but whatever. then later i was in my room with antonio the spanish boy i met in berlin and he was like horny as hell and really wanted to fuck. in my dream magnus had just left for denmark so i was sad about it but i wanted to rebound a little so we were making out but my parents were home so i kinda didn’t wanna have sex. i was thinking about magnus the whole time tho like i literally kept my eyes closed and said his name i think. then my mom almost walked in on us which was awkward and she told me dinner was ready. but then i realized antonio hadn’t come and i really wanted to make him do that so we did a little quickie and went to eat. antonio is hot but not as hot as magnus.