kim k?

Date: 2/12/2017

By deepa

ok not sure wh3r3 we start but at some point some of us not sure who exscly r in some office plsce im not sure but we r following a chick? before that i get in a car and i leave some detergent behind cus i csnt bring it in my friends fathers car idk...weird so we r at this place and i think we have an orgy at the loft lobby like we approach this chick and she turns to us to tries to hurt us with some overlarged doctlr clipprs thing but she drops it and we all bone esch other? ok not bone like this chick looked like kim k? but a nicer body and so i was just mostly feeling her up n touchijg her ass and kissing her cleavage thats about it and yea she was in her underwear but one thng i noticed of me in a dream is that i dont ever know what im wearing..i dont ever check.... and then we heard ppl coming so some of us filed into the lift and me n andra idk how shes there go off and we r hailing cabs and andra is very quick on her feet n such she gets in a cab that som3one else already hailed for and the cab driver asks her to get out.. after that its just lots of running to catch some cabs but we miss everything its so frustrating and we try to catch a cab soemwhere further down us and we jump and its a Huge fall...what a mess after that im pretty sure we didnt get a cab but some guy came up n told her who was now klaudiathat some audio sex thing of hers was passing round and she was so nonchalent