It should stay broken

Date: 5/18/2017

By KayDeeKay

Another dream where Axl is plaguing my thoughts. I was able to sit him down and we talked about why he left me. He said at some points, thugs were getting too serious and he got scared. I told him instead of running away we should have tried to talk things out like we were doing now. In my dream I let him back in after how he treated me. He didn't want to date again just yet but he was going to have me around just in case. We were going to a rave with all our mutual friends and it felt like old times. I was so happy just to be with him again though. Man I feel pathetic, he doesn't deserve my love and attention. I miss him so much, I was happy. I wish this breakup never happened, it was such a shock for me and it has been so hard getting over it.