Tattoo torture

Date: 7/11/2017

By Halee

I can only remember partway through but there was a Piscatella looking man and he ran off from our group that was in a kitchen (I very specially remember French toast and strawberries) so I followed the noise (I still don't know what he was doing that was making that noise) into the basement and that was like Underfell. As soon as I got off the stairs and went to round the first corner, I got jumped by a (Swap?) Papyrus and he threw something that hit the back of my hips so I tumble and fall onto my stomach when his Sans jumped onto me and said something to him about breaking it before summoning this huge bone ams driving it through my pelvis bone. Next thing I know I'm being led to a group of people that live down here and a few other from my group upstairs are here. They set us all in a circle and start asking questions. I have little I don't even know what's in my pockets but I throw a few and they do something and that goes on for awhile with the other's trying to help but then I'm out and I stand up (I guess I was going to try to punch their leader or something so the others could run ?) but she catches my wrist and forces me back down into sitting. They check all of our pockets to make sure that we're out. We tell them we don't have anymore but a few extra fall out of my right pocket and the attention is already on me so they crowd in and they start asking me the questions. I can't remember what is said until she asks me if tattoos are a thing "up there" since she saw that I had none and the they were all pretty much covered. I say that yes, they are a thing up there but I just hadn't decided what I wanted yet. They all laugh at that and say something about how you don't wait and think and decide what you want, it's something you do on impulse. But that gives them all an idea because they still want to hurt all of us for trespassing. They al get this glint in their eyes and decide that that's what they're going to do to me first. The guy to my left (the tattoo artist down here) asks something about my boobs that I didn't quite catch and then I'm being hauled up and walked to this guy's makeshift tattoo parlor which is just a secluded room with some equipment, some designs tacked to the walls, and a tattoo bed (idk what those are called). So they force me down and strap my wrists to the side of it so I can't move at all now. He starts sketching on my forehead. I'm kinda freaking out and he's talking about then doing my forehead, my chest, and my back before seeing what else they wanted to do with me.