Kill training

Date: 6/29/2019

By trevenw09

Hiding out apocalyptic horror Hunted down by tall large clown turns into woman with muumuu Forces us to kill things. Tells us only way to protect people around us First something in the water don't remember Walk up the shore find this Pavillion. Instructed to strangle these baby turkeys I don't have it in me but kyle does well and pleases this demon spirit. My turkey doesn't die and we gotta retry over and over and kyle does it for me Then twins from school come kimo and kamu Have to do the same. I can't bring myself to do it. Being judged by this demon. Super graphic seeing their diaphragms rise and fall deep and rapid. After they die (kyle has to do mine) We get graded. I got a 4/10 for the day. Demon woman tells me I have good aim but I can't commit to the personal kills. I'm getting upset and it asks me "where does your anger lie within you?"I point at her clipboard and say right there. "You don't like scoring less than others?"