wish it had stayed lucid

Date: 9/22/2019

By alessbd

ok so the first part of my dream was actually lucid and i think i’ve figured out how to trigger them. it began - shocker - with my teeth breaking apart in my mouth and falling out. but because that happens so often in my dreams, i knew that i WAS dreaming. so suddenly the dream was lucid. so baaaaasically i summoned magnus bc i was like why not have dream sex yknow? so things were getting pretty hot and heavy, but to my surprise when he took his underwear off there were like little bugs all over his dick so all of a sudden my dream was NOT at ALL lucid anymore bc why the fuck would i imagine that. and i was like “magnus...do you have crabs?” and he was like “yeah 😔” so we ended up not having sex. the next part of the dream was short but i was in a tour group and they had us swim into a yacht club to hang out but it was very exclusive and everyone that was there seemed confused as to why this group was there and i felt very out of place. i think a bunch of pro baseball players were there. in the last part of the dream i was an actor in a play but it seemed like everyone was super tired and kept making mistakes and i kept having to compensate for people. at one point the whole show stopped because in the middle of a song eileen was supposed to stick her head in a hole and say “i care for you, i care for you, even tho you make me blue *scream*” but she couldn’t scream bc she was sick. so i said i could do it but no one would count the song in so i did it. but after i screamed i was sent into a coughing fit which turned out to be in real life too so i woke up lol