Date: 4/17/2017

By KayDeeKay

I'm still really upset about the breakup with my boyfriend Axl. In my dream I'm in some type of classroom setting. I get upset because he is with another women and she is pregnant. A big reason Axl left was because he didn't want to have kids, but there he was with this woman who was about to have his baby. I confront them and the woman said that I didn't fight hard enough for him and that I lost. I was so mad, I reminded her that I did everything for him and I loved him deeply, that she came into the picture when I was deployed and that was dirty and mean. They were the ones that wronged me when I was trying so hard. It really hurt having her say I didn't try hard enough (which is a lie). Then I talk to Axl because I didn't understand why he was having a kid with her. He actually starts flirting with me and it almost feels like he still loved me and wanted to get out of this situation with her. Then he stops suddenly and says he was just kidding, He eventually gets mean about it and says that it was because I was depressed the past year that I ruined the relationship. I also reminded him that I was getting better and that I was there when he was depressed, when you love someone you don't just leave like that. He didn't explain why he wanted to have that kid. I remember walking away so angry and upset and feeling used. He was everything to me, he just left me with all his baggage for me to deal with while he got to run off scotch free. I sat alone for a while and cried, a coworker and his wife that I've never really talked to came up and helped me. Somehow they had this ability to go into someone's mind. We are pulled into this simulation and begin walking this maze that takes us to Axl's memories. For some reason I can't remember what we found. It was super kind, they did their best to help me figure out why this all happened. I'm still very sad, and that dream hurt me. Axl isn't a bad guy, and I don't like how my brain is trying to turn him into one.