My Naked Exhibitionist Husband

Date: 5/15/2017

By amandalyle

I was a news reporter following a story on Brad Pitt and how he had joined a cult of people - along with a dozen other celebs - accusing this couple of murdering their own children. They all walked around with badges on, displaying the faces of the parents in question looking as guilty as they possibly could. As a reporter, I was in two minds whether the parents had killed their children. I thought they should, at least, be given the benefit of the doubt, before being slated by celebrities in the media. Next scene; I was playing The Sims. I was creating a little town. It had a French 'feel' to it. I was very proud of my little town. I remember making a fruit and veg shop and calling it something witty. The town, itself, took me hours to build and in this Sim's game you could actually walk around as the town, as if it were real.... like 3D. I tried it, and I was impressed by how it looked. But then my daughter, Phoebe, accused me of stealing her town and modifying it to be my own. We had an argument, but then realised that her town was completely different and had been saved under her own name. Next scene; My husband Mat was an exhibitionist in this dream. He was walking down the street completely naked. His penis grew with the excitement of people catching him. It was late at night, so we didn't see another soul, but the risk was exciting to him. When we got home, I realised that I was actually really turned on by what had just happened. I didn't give him the satisfaction of knowing at the time, because I was also so embarrassed by his behaviour. In bed, I tried to initiate sex...kissing him and stroking his penis through his pyjama bottoms. As things were heating up, and clothes were starting to come off, I had an urge to go for a wee... AND QUICK! I rushed to the bathroom, hoping I hadn't killed the moment. To my horror, I saw a huge towel blocking the toilet. I pulled it out and it was drenched right through. "Bloody kids!" I grumbled. As I was 'doing my business', I saw a plant at the side of me. I was worried because I hadn't watered it and it hadn't been in the sun at all. The funny thing was, it was thriving. It was green and full of promise. When I walked back into the bedroom, my husband had fallen asleep. Still horny, I masterbated (sorry for TMI) next to him 'so quietly' I hoped he couldn't hear me. He didn't... he was dead to the world. 😴