Color Changing Fan Fish 🐟

Date: 4/24/2019

By blucanary

~I had a small child. Maybe abt 5. I was walking him to someones house. The Wysongs. The wife Leah still hated me. But Ricky was still in love with me. When I got there, Leah kept verbally putting down my child, saying horrible things. So I turned around and began to leave. Ricky followed. He got right behind us and slapped my kid in the side of his face really hard. This pissed me off. I whipped around to face him and tell him off but he apologized before I cd say much. He did it to get my attention. ~ I dont remember much else abt the Wysongs except him and I holding one another, caressing one anothers backs saying "I love you". ~ OH! I remember when I was at their house (after the slap), Ricky tried to pull me down on to his lap. At first I protested a bit, but I ended up in his lap. We looked out the skylights (there were many) at the thick tree branches (it was as if he lived in a big tree house or something). The trees had big handles on them ( the kind that looked like wheels ). I LOVED those kinds of trees. They were so rare and beautiful. ~ I also remember moving into a new place, I believe. Maybe with Al. There was a BEAUTIFUL fish in a small tank. It looked like one of those oriental hand held paper fans and it went from turquoise to bright pink. I wanted the fish eye level so we cd always stare at its beauty but I was also afraid that the cat wd reach in and try to get it. So Al grabbed the tank and suddenly dumped it over our huge bookshelf/entertainment center. I was so shocked at first I cd hardly even move to try to stop him (besides, it happened so fast).. But then as I saw the fish swim up I realized the whole back of the shelf was a massive tank. It was a nice tank. But I told him to never do that to me again bc it made my stomach all nervous not knowing what was going on!