Party in NYC turns into dangerous fight and 911

Date: 6/27/2019

By lucysdreams

So I dreamt that I was in NYC with my family. We went out for diner and got some paninis or something. On the way back out , I met up with some friends. So Ryan and I and our friends find a house party and get invited in. The owner is a woman but she shows us that there was an Airbnb mixup so none of this is actually hers and we can party without paying any money. We feel a little bad, but she convinces us. We party and soon we find ourselves the last ones to leave. Eleanor’s mum rocks up and the woman starts insisting she has to pay $1000 for the party. We were like uhhh no you said it was free. She went alone with Kath into another room and we were starting to get worried. One of my friends got up and went in to check on them. This time she left the door open so I could see what was going on inside. They were screaming at each other but the woman had a knife she was hiding from them. I panicked and freaked out because she walked back out to me. By this time it was full scale chaos and she went for me. I called 911 but they took forever to answer so I’m the meantime, we fought. We started fighting and I pushed the knife out of her hand. We stumbled out into the street and she kept going for my throat. Eventually, she said “screw you” and walked off. I hurried back inside to find my friends and brother and Kath who were on the couch. I turned and locked the door and after what feels like forever, 911 answered. I started pleading for help and they asked for my location and I realised I had no idea where I was. I looked out the window and started reading a street sign. Myly street, Brooklyn. As I was reading it out I got a text from the woman that read “I’m not done with you yet bitch” I panicked and pulled on the door to try and keep it shut. Then I woke up.