I wanted that cake

Date: 4/13/2017

By KayDeeKay

My dream was all over the place, but what I remember is that I was swimming in a giant fish tank that had whales in it. I jump out and find this Asian guy who teaches me how to ride a motorcycle. I start riding around in Tokyo I think (at night). I wind up getting to this convention center where my old color guard team from high school was performing. I'm on the sidelines and I don't realize that they are being filmed professionally and I'm in their shot in the background. I se there is a table full of cake so I go and grab some as I watch. They get mad later when they play it back seeing that I'm just chilling there eating my cake while they are trying to perform a serious video. I somehow end up at a friend's apartment complex. Amanda and Shelby were there. I'm laying out by the pool and Shelby asks if we want to see the mushrooms that she grew for her husband Jeff. We go up to her place and she as they tray with a glass cover sealed over it. Inside are these chocolate shrooms and she offers if we want to try one. She hadn't done them before so I told her let's go outside and enjoy nature while we have one. We end up climbing trees and having a blast.