Drunken Voicemails, Massive foreheads and Ugly-Ass Shoes

Date: 4/18/2017

By amandalyle

I was at Glastonbury festival with my friend Laura (and her boyfriend, Karl) and my daughter Phoebe. I was looking for somewhere to park, but the place was heaving. Finally found somewhere and I walked into what looked like an old-fashioned tavern. Here, Karl asked if I had drunken called him and left a silly voicemail message. I laughed and said, "Yep, sounds about right!" Next scene; I was preparing for a girls night out. Claire George was there (a girl I don't even like) and my friend (hippie) Laura wore a 'Peter Pan' dress which actually looked really good. Claire went for something more classic. A LBD. Before we headed out, we had to walk Claire's pug (that didn't look like a pug, but she kept telling everyone we walked past that it was!) When we were out, I saw a guy I used to go to school with called Will Bunce. He kept tickling me and then he offended me by saying I had a massive forehead. Kylie tried sticking up for me, but I still sobbed like a baby and didn't want to party anymore. After I dried my tears, I was doing this assault course and had to sing as I went around, but I didn't because I felt like a dick doing so. Alex's teacher was there and I felt like she was judging me for not singing. At the end, this guy from Hollyoaks ( Liam Donovan) brought my shoe over to me. It was the most hideous 'metallic silvet' shoe I had ever seen and I felt embarrassed to call it mine. "Thank you for giving me my ugly shoe back!" I smiled, and then scurried away.