Frozen in time

Date: 6/19/2017

By KayDeeKay

It is hard to explain this one. But I'm kind of in the world from Naruto. I lot of people from work are in my dream and we are on some mission. I'm getting stressed cause some of the logistics are all messed up. We are trying to get this plane to a location to drop off supplies. some huge event happens where time freezes and it is a handful of us that are still aware of the time . We start roaming the world, most of the time I was stuck in this town/oasis in the desert. Sasuke was there helping guide the mission still as we tried to un freeze time . At one point we find this plane filled with dragons (frozen in time as well) and it leads us to more clews as to who did this. This man comes up to us and he says he has a message, he goes for his pocket and we think it is a gun so one of the guys shoot him. He dies and we are angry that we didn't get to hear what he had to say. In his pocket was a newspaper both for the same day but they had different headlines. It showed two different futures, someone was messing with and altering events in time and we had to go and find out who and why we weren't frozen .