Candle shopping, car dodging and pesky foxes

Date: 1/29/2017

By amandalyle

I was in Dunelm, looking at candles (I love a candle, me!) There was a big crowd around a place where you could personalise your own candle "how cool!" I thought. But people were going crazy for it and, in the end, I couldn't be bothered to fight the crowd, so I said "screw this!" And walked off. Next scene; I walked into a bedroom to find my aunty Doreen butt naked. "Ewwwww!" I shuddered. I quickly grabbed my things and darted for the door. Next scene; I was walking into town with my son, Maxi, late at night. We kept running across roads and narrowly escaping being run down by cars. One old lady driver shook her head as I escaped being crushed by her car by an inch. As we continued walking, we could hear a group of young girls giggling behind us. They were making Musicly videos. I choose to ignore them. "Aren't you cold, Maxi?" I asked, realising that he had forgotten his coat. "No, I'm not cold" he replied. Next scene; Mat came home with some plastic toys for the kids that his mum must have given him. "Not more crap!" I sighed. "What's wrong Amanda?" He asked. I pointed at a light-switch that had been completely burnt out. "These things happen!" he said. "I was worried about you last night, you didn't come in until 7 in the morning!" He continued. I looked at him puzzled and said, "What are you talking about? I was here last night. I was in bed by half 10! Where were you?" Next scene; I was at a random house with some friends - apparently it was my house - it was huge and the land was vast. I was showing a couple around. I walked them up the hill and through to a wooden gate. "This is where I shoot those perky foxes!" I said - as though it was a natural thing to do. (Please note that I would NEVER kill an animal)