Crazy hippies, dancing in queues and a son with a gun

Date: 2/2/2017

By amandalyle

I was outside of the back with Mat but it had closed. Suddenly, an old hippy woman came up to us and gave me a cd to listen to. "This will enlighten you!" she said. I also ended up with a great BIG typewriter, so heavy I was having trouble carrying it. I was queuing up in Superdrug (with this hefty typewriter) that I put on the floor in the end, when some pushed in and I got pissed off (the queue was long and I had been waiting awhile) I budged back in and people started to get angry, but then we all started dancing - like we were part of some kind of musical or something. We were all going around in some sort of conga line, cheerily dancing away. This guy kept flirting with me even though his girlfriend was stood close by. I kept backing away, trying to give him a hint, but he'd just dance even closer to me. Next scene; I was sat on a bit of green with son Maxi and my friend kylie. For some reason, Maxi had a loaded gun and was about to shoot it at a bunch of delinquent teenagers all huddled in a circle. Kylie looked at him and said, "I don't think you should be doing that!" And then he put the gun down. Next scene; I was looking around a furniture shop with my mum. There were lots of chairs, and hidden rooms with even more furniture in. We kept losing each other it was so big.