Being shot in the back

Date: 5/17/2017

By arianna

I was i a secluded place in the only house in the area and I was there because I was getting weed. I walked out of the house and it felt like forever until I found a neighborhood I got some weed From him and realized there were cops around so I hurried back to this secluded house. It was like a crack house . Really shitty, abandoned and disgusting. There was an old greenish yellow couch and I sat on the floor and started rolling joints. I rolled about 10 when I heard people outside and threw them in my bag and started running toward the door. Suddenly the police were inside behind me and someone shot me in the inner back between my shoulders . I've never been shot it that's what I imagine it to feel like. My left shoulder felt warm and my. Whole arm ached. I opened the door and i was in a completely different place I was in a big city. And I was trying to find a hospital. I woke up there and the same spot where I got shot hurt so much. While I was waking up I had to check my back to make sure I was ok because it was such a weird pain.