Grocery Store James Bond Adventure

Date: 5/18/2017

By Palomino

I worked in a grocery store. There was a crooked Senator who was building a nuclear missile. He didn't have any engineers or scientists working for him so he decided to find women and girls who were good at math and trick them into designing his missile. He was doing this to my coworkers. He would come to our store in his limousine and invite one of the women who worked at the store to sit with him in his car. After a while, he'd send her inside to get another, smarter woman to go get in the car. He would then take this woman to the McDonald's across the street, buy her coffee and get on her good side. When he took her back to work, he would give her a piece of paper with equations to solve. A few hours later, he would return with one of her loved ones as a hostage and demand the solved equations. He intended to repeat this until he had a full blueprint for his missile. My coworkers and I figured out his scheme and decided to trick him. I watched for my chance and presented myself as one of the smart ladies that he would take to McDonald's. When he took me back to the grocery store, I took the equations he gave me, but I also snatched a page of technical notes and three plastic models of missile parts. Everyone at the grocery store pitched in to take this guy down. Helen was the manager. She tinkered with the model missile parts, trying to figure them out. Mara was a cashier. She made drawings of the model parts. Jai was also a cashier. She was a lookout. I worked on the equations. The crooked senator sent a spy into the store and found out we were working as a team. He came back with hostages from the families of everyone who was helping and demanded to talk to me. Jai was especially upset because he had her little nephew. But we were all determined to stop the Senator from building a nuclear missile. Helen and I hid the model pieces in a box of cereal. I gave the equations and sketches to another employee to hide. She was named Ruby and she was about 70. Her hair was dyed bright red and she was dressed like she was going to the club. She said she couldn't hide the papers because she didn't have any pockets. I told her to put them in her bra. She said she didn't have a bra, either, and shook herself at me to prove it. I was highly taken aback. I yelled at her to stuff the papers down her pants and ran out to meet the Senator's representative. This was a suave Puerto Rican thug. He was pretending to be my friend so I would give him the stuff my team had been working on. He talked to me about my favorite math teacher from school and how she had taught me so much. He went on and on and eventually I snuck back inside. I went to make sure Ruby still had the papers secure. She had already lost one page. She tried to give me a long explanation of how that happened but I ignored her and started searching frantically. I found the paper stuck to a bread rack. I decided to ask Helen to hide it. I went to the back to give it to her but I a hard time finding her. I was still looking when I woke up.