I want a pig now.

Date: 3/23/2017

By dreamercakes17

Dream 1: I walked up to my front door window & thought I heard someone trying to open the door. So I raaan back to my room. Then woke up slightly with heart racing, but went back to sleep. Dream 2: I bought a baby pig. Me & my friend were playing with her in my front yard & for some reason we decided to let my pig stay at my friend's house. So her aunt was saying," yeah don't worry ur pig will be fine, just come back later to pick it up." (But in Spanish) So, later on I text my friend asking if I can go pick up my lil pig & she replies,"Omg no I'm stuck at Starbucks the line is so backed up!" (She doesn't even go/like Starbucks irl). By this time when she texted me it was very late (10:21pm) and I needed my pig back so I wait for her to come home (she lived across the street from me). Finally, they come back and I get my little pig. Dream 3: Continues dreaming about my ex (smh). So now that he has replied to me since yesterday's dream. I now dream of him in a sense rejecting me. But in this dream I'm visualizing this conversation over text. ( this dream was remembered separately from dream 4 but overlaps). Dream 4: Dreamt that I was an ex of my old roommate's current boyfriend. (We'll call him J). (Which makes sense because I think I fell asleep watching her story of her celebrating her bf's bday). In this dream me & J were texting the previous night & in this dream we go to the same school. So, we're texting kind of aggressively about him not wanting to get back with me which I didn't want to anyways bc I wanted to get back together with my other ex (mentioned in other dreams). (This is also where dream 3 & 4 overlap because I was texting J & the other ex at the same time, if that makes any sense). Soo, J then texts me something but in a negative connotation "Don't miss you more than ever" or something along those lines it's kinda fuzzy. Idk how but I open a drawer in my dresser & find a PE shirt with that exact phrase on it. I end up wearing this shirt the next day to school with a pair of PE shorts & written on the butt "I don't miss you." Which after discussing with my friends that day at lunch concluded to extreme pettiness. I ended seeing J & his gf that day at lunch but no eye contact was made. Sadly, made my pettiness one sided. But oh well because shortly after that I woke up.