The One Where I Proof for Scott

Date: 7/10/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m sitting on the floor of what may be my childhood kitchen with Scott Baugh. I’m supposed to edit his sermon and he’s explaining how I should do this. I laugh when he says I can randomly capitalize things that I find important. I get up to leave and see that Jmack and Sara are driving by. This is strange because I remember that they’ve already moved away. I go outside and follow them to my house (but it’s not my house on the outside). I kneel down in the driveway behind a huge pile of clothes so that they don’t know I’m there. Jmack sees me, so I go inside (which actually is my house) with them. I get the feeling that they’re here to tell us they’re pregnant. I go in my room to put a bra on and end up coming out in jeans and a really thick, red sweatshirt. They all laugh at me. I see a pink and blue cake on the counter, but they’re not explaining what it means ... Ashlee and Michael are at my house. My mom and Michael are having a conversation and he’s standing way too close to me. Ashlee comes back in the room and tells me that I make no money. I’m about to tell her that that’s not true and that I’m getting a raise, when Baylee (who is not actually Baylee, but a random infant) falls off of the little trike she’s riding and cracks her head on the tile. Everyone panics. Ashlee tries to play it off like she’s calm, but I can see tears in her eyes. I disapprove of how they carry on with her.