wedding n such

Date: 5/13/2017

By deepa

so a lot of random shot happened the latest one was a indian wedding sort of thing even my mother came for that but we didnt even know the groom n bride n later on with two other ppl i was asking them if they even were indian or not anyway after yhe lumch there was a dancefloor and i was too shy cus i dodnt know how indian dancing worked but anyway i was with two other indian chicks and we did some walkimg to the nearby shops n such and saw dead cockroaches maybe even wandered to my old primary school..and when we got back there were bunch of high tables in place of the dancefloorn we went back in to get some alcohol n mixers for ourselves and my mother even helped wow.. and then anothwr dream where some tutor or smth is givimg a pop quiz about aome russian bla bla and this chick gives a wromg answer n still gets the 100 voucher i think.. and another dream im walking with someone and we see some guys start pulling out guns n fighting each other and we r nonchalently walking past them..weird. also another bit only Maybe connected to the weddimg where im walking into a building maybe a school and random indian chicks ive never seen say hi deepa and i just say hi back even.tho idk them.. another dream im in a lexture hall prof alice i think and im not supposed to be there n i guess i make a hoo ha also maybe geo is there n we are in front of the lecture and he says hey my european friends and they wave back n say their names but one was called ting like the most asian guy ajahahaha and there was some indian guy that i waa tryna impress idk but i very cooly escaped the room and told the prof she was lovely. another dream where some kods are extreme downhill riding on somw things but some of them are asleep and one of it manned by a teenager is asleep and the child wakes her up and she gets pissed and has some epiphany and she erases her make up and asks the kid to as well.. whatever and then another scene with gob i think he threw his kid down a valley or smth and he calls someone and says ive made a huge mistake its cute ahahhahaha.. another bit im woth geo getting on a bus and theres some fight over a seat downstairs even tho the upper deck is empty.. smth else as well idk what happens