Date: 8/8/2019

By leusid

I had dreams about two exes. The first one I was passing by Kat and pretended not to notice, but then I turned around after she passed and waited to see if she looked, and she did, so I waved and asked if she wanted to hang out. She was hesitant. Somehow it was like we were like afraid we were gonna get back together or something. More? Other dream I think I and Meagh were both staying with Amanda for a while. All I remember is having too many jugs of water, also trying to ask meagh where the mouse toys were cuz Finn had ripped the tail off one so I wanted to give him another. But meagh couldn't hear me calling, so I went in the other room and meagh was on Amanda's shoulders trying to get something off a shelf. I said why didn't you respond, she hadn't heard me, I was like oh maybe I'd been in a different dimension, as that's a thing that can happen in dreams. Amanda put meagh down on an armchair upside down and we saw her butt for a sec lol.