Awkward turtles! 🐢

Date: 3/13/2017

By amandalyle

I was in a film scene. There was a pretty Chinese girl who was desperate for her boyfriend to propose, but his heart was some place else. She stripped down to some sexy lingerie. Her breasts were exposed and they were massive. She initiated sex with him but as he was fucking her from behind, he was rambling on about quantum physics. "Can you just give it a rest?!" She sighed. As it turned out, this man was actually a psycho killer. I had stumbled across some newspaper clippings whilst they were busy fucking. I was shocked and tried to get out of the room without them seeing. Once out, I watched his wedding video (Yes, he was married to someone else...hence his refusal to propose!) and I could see glimmers of insanity in the way he behaved. It sent a shiver down my spine. Next scene; I was Looking after someone else's baby and I had to change its shitty nappy. As I changed the nappy, I heard someone retching behind me and it was making me retch too. Next scene; I was at school and there was a kid who was left behind (this was actually someone I knew from primary school called Anthony Giles) I felt sorry for him. He had a bad upbringing and no one seemed to care about him. I could have given him a lift home - I kept looking over at his sad little face - but I decided not to. The cold hearted bitch that I am 😳 Next scene; I was driving through the countryside, when I spotted a guy in the middle of the road. I stopped to see if he was lost. He was older, but quite handsome. I fancied him. I was hoping he'd hop in, but instead he walked off in a different direction. Next scene; Mat was urinating in the middle of the road. "Can you do that somewhere private?" I suggested. He ignored me and carried on. I was getting a lift with an old friend called Nick. He wasn't expecting me to bring my daughter Phoebe along and I could see he was annoyed. There was a bunch prickly bushes on the back seat, so it was a squeeze to get in. Then Mat hopped into the car too. I could tell that he was angry about the situation. We had agreed to meet up with some friends and Nick was being extremely charismatic and everyone was laughing at his jokes. Mat was sulking and I was itching to get away from such an awkward situation.